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Flat Nose and Chain Nose Pliers

The jaws of the pliers are flat on the inside and rounded on the outside. The flat surface allows you to create right angle bends in the wire. Also good for gripping wire. Can also be used to push in crimps.

Round Nose Pliers

The shape of the jaws are rounded and tapered to a point. Used to created loops and curves. Because it is tapered, it allows you to vary the size of your loops and bends.

Nylon Jaw Pliers

Used to smooth or straighten wire out before use. Can also be used to strengthen sterling silver wire designs by squeezing the design tightly. Very useful tool, as it does not damage or leave scratches on the wire.

Crimp Pliers

Specialty pliers which has 2 grooves in the jaws so they can crush and close the crimp beads or tubes. Gives a neat and tight closure of the crimp.

Bent Chain Nose Pliers

Just as the name says, it is a chain nose plier which has been bent. Really handy to get into the hard to reach places

There are a number of other specialty pliers. However, the ones described above will allow you to create almost any design.