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Other Tools

Flush/Side Cutter

The cutting jaws are angled for an accurate cut. Do not use on memory wire or split rings as it may damage the blades. A heavier duty wire cutter is needed for memory wire.

Beading Needles

Long, thin and flexible. They have a narrower hole than ordinary sewing needle to allow passage through a bead. They come in a number of sizes, most commonly #10 and #12. Makes threading beads on string quicker and easier.

Metal Files & Bur

Used to eliminate rough edges and exhibit good workmanship and attention to detail.

Nylon Hammer

Compresses the wire, causing it to harden and strengthen the design.

Wire Wrapping Mandrel

Use to make your own jump rings. Wrap wire around mandrel to get consistent loops, then cut rump rings.


A jig is a board with pegs used for bending wire and making specific shapes than can be replicated. Very useful for making ear wires and spiral designs.

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