Other Findings


They come in 1-3 mm bead or tube form and are used to secure beads in place.

Crimp Connector Tube

These seamless crimp tubes with jump ring (loop) already attached.

Crimp Bead Covers

Hides crimp beads to give a better finished look to the beaded piece.

Bead Tips

Used to conceal knots, and end necklaces and bracelets to give a professional look to your jewellery. They come in a variety of styles.

Jump Rings

Used to connect parts of jewellery, e.g. to hang a pendant from a chain.

Split Rings

Used to connect parts of jewellery. More bulkier than jump rings, however they are more secure. Use heavy duty cutters if you need to cut them.

Spacer Bar

Used to space out strands in a bracelet or necklace. Come in a variety of widths, and some come with Swarovski crystals.

Fold Over Connector

The pronged tab provides a handy way to attach clasps to leather or fabric jewellery cords by grasping the cord so that it will not slip.

Ear Drop

These tiny, light weight drops are perfect to use on chandelier earrings. Loads of designs out there!

Bead or Bell Cap

Used in beaded jewellery making to adorn a bead.

There are lots of specialised findings you will come across in your beaded jewellery making. They can be used to make unique and different designs.

Have fun finding and using them!