Floating Necklace

Tigertail or Softflex beading wire (about 16 inches)
clasp and end tag
12 × crimps
beads of your choice

crimping or flat nose pliers
bead board or ruler
wire cutters


Layout your beads on a bead board to make a 16 inch choker. Beads should be spaced out between 3 - 5 cm (1.5 - 2 inches).

I find it is best to start in the centre of the necklace with your focal beads and crimp on each side of the beads.

float necklace

Then measure 5 cm and on either side of the focal bead crimp your next beads. Continue 4 cm along with your next beads.

crimp spacing

When you have finished adding your beads, adjust the measurement of the choker to fit you, and add the clasp and end tag.

add clasp clasp finish crimp cap

Variations & Tips:

You can make multiple strands of different lengths with floating beads.

Pearls look especially nice as a floating necklace.

Hard to get your beads to line up evenly? Then use a marker pen or liquid paper to mark out your length where your beads should be crimped.