Making Basic Loops

You will need round nose pliers to make a basic loop.

Technique 1

Step 1: Grasp the end of a length of wire (20 - 24 gauge) with round nose pliers tightly.

Step 2: Gently turn the wire around the nose of the pliers to form a full turn.

Step 3: Finish the loop twisting the pliers slightly to close the loop

Step 4: Place one jaw of the pliers inside the loop and one at the base. Then turn the pliers slightly to align the loop diectly on top of the wire tail.

Technique 2

You will need flat nose pliers and round nose pliers to make a basic loop.

Step 1: Thread desired bead/s through head pin. Cut the wire at 1 cm above the bead. Use flat nose pliers to bend wire at a right angle.

Step 2: Use the round nose pliers to grab the end of the wire with your grip facing down. Start making a half loop.

Step 3: Now grasp the half loop with your grip facing up and turn to finish the loop.

Note: Vary the size of the loop by using different parts of the pliers. Practice makes perfect.