Opening & Closing a Jump Ring

You will need 2 pairs of pliers to open and close a jump ring.

Step 1: Pick out a perfectly shaped jump ring. For practice, choose a larger round ring.

Step 2: Holding a pair of pliers in each hand, place the pliers on each side of the ring, near to the opening of the ring. Make sure you grip each side of the jump ring tightly.

Step 3: Then push one of the pliers away from you slowly while you bring the other pliers toward you. As you move the ends of the ring, avoid twisting or pulling them apart sideways. The ring will open. You don't need to open it very far. Do not pull to the side as you open the ring as you may distort the round shape.

Step 4: To close the ring, perform the same movements in the opposite directions.

Step 5: Make sure the ends of the ring line up perfectly without overlapping and without a space. The ends should just barely touch each other. You don't want the item inside the jump ring to slip out.