How Many Seed Beads Do I Need?

You can estimate the number of beads you will need to a project if you know the size of your beads. These charts and tables are a useful guide to help you.

Please note that beads of a stated size are not always the same size or weight. Also, differences in thread tension can add up to big differences in finished dimensions.

These charts are approximations and should only be used as a gudie. I find it is always best to overestimate than underestimate!

How Many Beads Per Gram?

Type of Bead# per Gram
15/0 seed beads290
cylinder seed beads190
11/0 seed beads110
8/0 seed beads38
6/0 seed beads15

How Many Beads Strung in a Line?

Type of Bead# per inch# per cm
15/0 seed beads249
cylinder seed beads207
11/0 seed beads187
8/0 seed beads135
6/0 seed beads104

How Many Beads Per Square Inch or Centimeter?

Type of BeadBeads/inch2Beads/cm2
15/0 seed beads33054
cylinder seed beads28542
11/0 seed beads21635
8/0 seed beads10820
6/0 seed beads7012

How Many Beads Do You Get?

Delicas weigh less than other seed beads, due to their larger holes. Their size is closer to size 12 rather than size 11.

Type of Bead AmountBead Count
11/0 seed20 g 2000
11/0 Delica5 g1000
3.3 mm Delica5 g150
13/0 seed20 g3000
14/0 seed20 g5150
15/0 hex20 g 5880
20/0 seed3 g2800
8/0 hex20 g960
6/0 pony10 g150
11/0 triangle20 g2000
4 mm cube20 g 215
3 mm bugle20 g1770
5 mm bugle20 g770
9 mm bugle20 g500
12 mm bugle20 g250

Use our Calculator to Work Out
How Many Beads You Will Need!!!

This calculator should be used as a guide only.

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