Bead Finishes

Agate resembles stone, multi-colored swirls
Apollocrystal coated with full colour & half silver mirror. Available in fire polished beads only.
Aurora Borealis (AB) rainbow finish permanently applied to one side of the bead
AB2X rainbow finish permanently applied to both sides of the bead
AzuraAntique half coating. Available in Fire Polished Beads only
Bronze deeper metallic colour resembles bronze
Ceylon transparent bead with a lustre finish, sometimes called greasy
Copper Lined inside of bead is coated with copper. Seed beads only
Dyed transparent bead treated with dye to alter colour; will fade
Galvanized zinc plated coating, wears off easily
Ghost Matte AB, trademarked by one supplier
Gilt Lined gold colour lining inside the bead
Glow a coloured luster finish on a transparent bead
Gold Lined real gold lining inside the bead
Gold Luster a golden luster finish on a transparent bead
Iris a metallic rainbow on an opaque bead; irridescent, looks like an oil slick
Lustre a pearlescent finish
Matte frosted by acid etching or sand blasting to remove the shine
Matte Rainbow (M/R) matted with a rainbow finish
Metallic (MET) metal colour sprayed on bead; may wear off
Mottled a marbled effect, looks like a sponged on finish
Opal milky, semi-transluscent finish
Opaque (OP) solid colour, no light passes through
Painted colour coated over an opaque bead
Pearl luster finish on an opaque bead
Plated metal plating over another surface
Rainbow (R/B) AB coating over the entire surface of the bead
Raku matte vitrail
Satin striated finish looks like satin. Soft, low-lustre
Semi-Matte (S/M) partially matted
Silky opaque, shiny. Available in fire-polished beads only
Silver lined (S/L) transparent bead lined with silver, looks metallic and gives a mirror-like effect. Available in seed & bugle beads
Supra Metallic baked on metallic coating, more durable than sprayed on coatings, looks matte
Supra Pearl baked on pearl coating, looks matte
Tortoise two transparent colours swirled together
Transluscent a coloured bead that light shines through, but is not clear
Transparent (Trans) a coloured bead that light shines through clearly
Vitrail silver coating with a rainbow on half the bead
White Heart a dark transparent or opaque bead with a white lining in the core of the bead. Gives intensity of colour