Boho Style Drop Earrings

24 gauge wire 15 cm
2 x hook earwires
2 x eye pins, 2 cm
2 x beads, flat side drilled
2 x round beads, 6 mm
2 x metal leaf drops
2 x metal flower links

flat nose pliers
round nose pliers
wire cutters


Make a wrapped looped using the wire and side-drilled bead. Then thread the round bead through the eyepin and make a basic loop at the other end

beads on eye pin and wrapped loop

Attach the ear wire to the metal flower link by opening the loop of the earwire, threading the link in the loop, then closing the loop. The attached the round bead link that you just made in the same way.

linking the earwire to the link linking the bead to the link

Finally, open the loop of the round bead link, and thread both the leaf and warpped drop through the loop. Then close the loop.

attaching the two drops to the earring

Variations & Tips

Use all your odd beads and waste bits (such as pieces of chain) to make this type of earring.

The ideas for this are endless! ! !

feather and chain boho drop earrings

Where to Purchase Supplies

Drops and Links and silver plated findings can be found at beadbiz quicksales qshop