Step 1: Thread a crimp onto your length of flexible wire followed by your clasp. Bend the wire over the loop of the clasp or earwire and back throught the crimp.

Step 2: Move the crimp as close as possible to the jewellery part and squash it flat with your chain nose pliers or crimp pliers. You need to apply a lot of pressure to the crimp to squash securely.

Step 3: Thread your beads onto the wire. When you have threaded beads on at the required length, thread another crimp on and for a necklace attach a jump ring and thread wire over the jump ring and through the crimp. Back thread the wire through a couple of beads.

Step 4: To tighten necklace hold jump ring with flat nose pliers and the wire end with round nose pliers. Slowly pull your hands apart so any slack is pulled out. Squash the crimp at the jump ring end with chain nose pliers or crimp pliers. Trim excess wire.

The crimping technique can create loads of designs: Floating Necklace

Floating Earrings

To make your crimp look neat and professional, I recommend placing a crimp cover bead over your crimp.